“Mihajlo Pupin” Technical Faculty


Fashion designers are creators of one of the most attractive types of products, fashion products. It is known that they are fashionable items and therefore they are always in the focus of interest of the wider public. Fashion in sociological, cultural and aesthetic sense is very significant and expressed in contemporary society. Its breadth is reflected in the practical sense, where it permeates with other important branches of applied art, such as graphic design. In addition to classic techniques and materials, there is an increasing number of new ones that are used, giving fashion designers greater opportunity for aesthetic expression and appearance in the market. In this regard, the goal of the workshop is to create and demonstrate "Mood Board" and fashion drawings with the emphasis on designing a fashion accessories. Skills acquisition and development of creativity in the entire process of clothing design refers to the recognition of fashion trends and lines, drawing sketches of artistic and technical drawings, knowledge of textile materials, basics of tailoring and designing of clothes. The name of the workshop is "Fashion for DE (tails) - fashion".